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CFC: Spreading Cheer Throughout the Year

CFC: Spreading Cheer Throughout the Year

The Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) theme for 2018 — “Show Some Love” — rings true at DOT.  Since 2005, DOT employees in the D.C. metropolitan area alone have contributed over $18 million through CFC.  Overall, federal employees contribute about $100 million every year through CFC.

The tax-deductible contributions that federal employees make through CFC do an enormous amount of good, for so many and in so many ways!  Over 20,000 nonprofit charitable organizations worldwide participate in the CFC.  These range from small, local area groups to large, well-known charities.  Their missions encompass the vast range of important causes.   From youth programs to animal welfare, the environment, medical research, helping veterans, feeding the hungry, housing the homeless and many, many other worthy causes – CFC makes it easy for federal employees to choose who to help and how much.

Even small amounts can do a lot of good, especially when pooled with the generosity of fellow federal employees.  And the steady stream of donations throughout the year which CFC makes possible is a tremendous boost to an organization’s ability to plan and go forward with charitable activities.

Signing up takes just a few minutes through the CFC website -- cfcgiving.opm.gov

Federal employees can also now pledge volunteer hours — on their own time — in addition to making monetary donations.  And new employees and federal retirees are also now able to participate in the CFC.  Federal employees have until January 11 to sign up to donate through CFC in 2019. 

During the holidays we are reminded of the joy of giving.  We are all doubly blessed to have CFC to help us support charitable causes that make life better for others.  

CFC Logo "Show Some Love" 

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