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President’s FY 2014 Budget Roll Out

Deputy Secretary Porcari

President’s FY 2014 Budget Roll Out

April 10, 2013

  • Hello, everyone.  Thank you for dialing in. 
  • Since day one, President Obama and all of us at the Department of Transportation have been committed to putting people back to work rebuilding and repairing our infrastructure.
  • Today, the President laid out a budget that shows us how we can invest in the things we need to grow our economy, create jobs, and strengthen the middle class while further reducing the deficit in a balanced way.
  • The President’s budget funds critical investments in our nation’s infrastructure, furthers our promise to deliver 21st century transportation, and continues our deep commitment to safety.
  • The President’s 2014 budget requests a total of $77 billion for the Department of Transportation. 
  • The President’s budget also includes an additional $50 billion for immediate investments to sup­port critical infrastructure projects, such as improving America’s roads, bridges, transit systems, border crossings, railways, and runways.
  • This includes $40 billion in “fix-it-first” investments for im­proving existing infrastructure assets and $10 billion to help encourage State and local innovation in infrastructure development.
  • Together, these proposals will help us create jobs and invest in the 21st century transportation that businesses need to compete.
  • First and foremost, the President’s budget puts people to work upgrading our nation’s rail infrastructure—building the next generation of transportation.
  • Four years ago, President Obama laid out his vision for high-speed intercity passenger rail in America. And we’ve worked hard to fulfill that vision—building or improving 6,000 miles of rail and upgrading 40 train stations nationwide.
  • Today, we have trains hitting 110 MPH in Midwest, and the nation’s first 220 MPH high-speed rail network is set to break ground in California this year. We have broken ground on multi-modal train stations in communities across the country—creating jobs and revitalizing downtown districts in the process.
  • The President’s 2014 budget builds on our hard work so far—and continues to fulfill his vision to build a high-speed intercity passenger rail system for all Americans.
  • To help make that vision a reality, the President’s budget proposes a bold rail reauthorization program that would provide $40 billion over five years for the projects that will strengthen and enhance rail across the country.
  • This includes $6.4 billion to improve existing intercity passenger rail services, develop new high-speed rail corridors and strengthen the economic competitiveness of our freight rail system.
  • All together, these investments will ensure that America’s rail systems continue to provide reliable transportation services while also laying the groundwork for future system growth and a whole new level of service. 
  • At the same time, these investments in rail infrastructure will spur economic development in local communities, provide businesses with opportunities to expand, and create much-needed jobs across the nation.
  • The President’s budget also continues to support our ongoing efforts to modernize our National Airspace system by investing in NextGen.
  • Through our NextGen initiative, we are moving from ground-based systems to satellite-based navigation.
  • As a result of our investments, airlines are already beginning to see the benefits. Airplanes approaching the Washington DC area started using satellite routes last August—saving an estimated 760,000 gallons of jet fuel in the first year.
  • The President’s budget proposes over $1 billion to continue making critical investments in NextGen. This will help us to continue to move our aviation system forward by improving capacity, ensuring safety and enhancing predictability for the traveling public.
  • Thirdly, this budget fully supports MAP-21, the transportation bill signed by President Obama last summer. In 2014, we are proposing to direct $53 billion in resources towards our highway, transit and highway safety programs.
  • This funding ensures that we continue to improve our highway and transit infrastructure, and it helps us keep America’s transportation systems safe. 
  • America was built on big ideas and bold action—like the Transcontinental Railroad, the Erie Canal and the Interstate Highway System.
  • We became the greatest country in the world, because generations before us had the courage and the foresight to invest in a better future.
  • Today, we have a duty to invest in a modern transportation network that will create jobs, encourage businesses to expand and help us compete in a global economy.
  • The President’s 2014 budget will help us put people to work rebuilding and upgrading our nation’s infrastructure—and it will help us continue to invest in a transportation network that will meet the needs of 21st century America.
  • With that, I’d like to open it for questions.
  • Sylvia Garcia, our Acting Chief Financial Officer at the Department of Transportation is on the line as well. Operator go ahead – we can begin taking questions.
Updated: Wednesday, January 7, 2015
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