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Farm to Fly 2.0 Agreement Signing Ceremony

Secretary Ray LaHood

Remarks as prepared for delivery

Farm to Fly 2.0 Agreement Signing Ceremony

April 15 2013

Thank you Secretary Vilsack.

I want to begin by thanking our partners in the Commercial Aviation Alternative Fuels Initiative for leading this effort.

You truly are at the forefront of this important effort—and we owe much of our progress to your hard work.

America was built on innovation. It has always been the innovators- many of them in aviation and transportation - who have dared to dream big and come up with the ideas that change history.

Today—we have innovators across the aviation industry, especially when it comes to alternative jet fuels.

Through the use of sustainable alternative jet fuels, we are showing the world once again, that we can come together to solve our greatest challenges.

In his State of the Union Address, President Obama called on us to address climate change.

He called it the greatest task of this generation—and as a grandfather of 10, I couldn’t agree more.

Coming up with alternative jet fuels that are cleaner and kinder to the environment will help us do just that.

These new fuels will not only reduce aviation’s carbon footprint – they will also reduce our dependence on imported oil.

As we increase the supply of biofuels, they will help airlines save money on fuel—which is one of the biggest expenses in aviation.

Last year, U.S. air carriers spent over $50 billion on jet fuel. Reducing the cost of jet fuel is good for the airlines—and it’s good for business.

Thanks to our partners, we’ve already made great progress in creating, approving and using sustainable alternative fuels.

Biofuels are a reality today. You can hop on a flight in New York and fly across the Atlantic to Amsterdam on a plane using biofuels.

Now, we need to expand it.

And’s that exactly what Farm to Fly helps us to achieve.

Again, I want to thank our partners in CAAFI and Secretary Vilsack for making this possible.

This is an area of tremendous promise—and I can’t wait to see where the next generation of innovators takes us.

Thank you.

Updated: Wednesday, January 7, 2015
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