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Every day, as new technologies get closer and closer to deployment, it becomes more important for us in the federal government to have access to expert advice from those who are on the front lines of innovation.

That’s why this week I announced the formation of a new Advisory Committee on Automation in Transportation (ACAT), which will assemble 15 experts from a variety of fields to help USDOT assess new transportation technologies and their long-term impacts.

Picture of AV policy announcement

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Recently, I participated in the 24th and final roundtable to talk about moving our Freight Economy Forward.  Our last meeting took place in St. Louis, Missouri, a city strategically located for freight movement.

These community conversations have provided valuable feedback about our future freight infrastructure needs, helping to inform Secretary Foxx’s Beyond Traffic Framework, a look ahead at our transportation needs for the next 30 years.

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The future of transportation can seem far off, but the truth is, in many ways, it’s already here.

Take Pittsburgh as an example: now as you drive down the street, it’s entirely possible you will see a self-driving car driving alongside you. A city once known for heavy industry and steel mills is at the forefront of a revolution in transportation technology.

Today, I’m proud to announce that Pittsburgh is one of over 15 communities nationwide that will receive nearly $65 million in USDOT grants to implement advanced transportation technologies.

Picture of Secretary Foxx at White House Frontiers Conference

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During my recent travels to California, I joined state and local leaders to commemorate the transfer of 125 acres of property to the City of Long Beach through the Maritime Administration’s Port Public Benefit Conveyance Program.

This program facilitates the transfer of surplus Federal property at no cost to states and local governments to help develop and enhance the nation’s port facilities.

Picture of Port of Long Beach

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Ordering a package delivery straight to your front door with a few taps on a smartphone. Making sure your small business has enough inventory to meet customer demand. Navigating a busy highway safely and with a minimum of stress. Underpinning all of this activity is infrastructure that works for all road users – whether their vehicles are carrying freight or passengers.

Today, through DOT’s innovative FASTLANE program, I’m proud to announce nearly $800 million in grants to improve our freight and highway infrastructure nationwide.

Picture of freight train

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In a time when it can be difficult to secure investments in major infrastructure projects, taking advantage of the latest in innovative finance is critical. At DOT, that’s where the Build America Bureau comes in.

Today, I’m proud to join Vice President Biden to announce the Bureau’s milestone loan to Amtrak that will bring the next generation of high-speed rail service to the Northeast Corridor.

Rendering of Amtrak train

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In 2013, President Obama announced his Climate Action Plan, a bold plan that is now on track to reduce emissions from nearly every sector of our economy. 

Today, we are fulfilling one of the central promises in this plan – finalizing the second phase of greenhouse gas emissions and fuel efficiency standards for medium and heavy duty vehicles for model years 2018 and beyond.​​​

Picture of Secretary Foxx with Administrator McCarthy​​​​​​​

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Emergency responders understand the importance of safety better than anyone else. They face life and death situations every day when they go to work – at the scene of a crash, where they rescue victims and protect others.

Each year, an estimated 100 emergency responders are killed in the line of duty. That’s why the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), in partnership with the responder community, developed the Traffic Incident Management – or “TIM” – Responder Training.

Picture of car crash on highway -- photo credit Ragegoss on Wikimedia Commons

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As one of the world’s busiest ports, the Port of Houston represents a large part of the region’s vibrant economy. It is a 25-mile-long complex of terminals that serve more than 8,000 vessels and 200,000 barges each year. No wonder several sections of I-10 and I-45 that link to the port are grappling with freight congestion.

Houston is not alone. In the Federal Highway Administration’s latest series of Freight Economy roundtables – in Houston, Oklahoma City, and Virginia’s Hampton Roads area – we heard about the importance of investments in our waterways, rails, and highways to get goods and products where they need to go and move our economy forward.

Picture of Port of Houston

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Every year, it’s a privilege at DOT to award TIGER grants – funds that help revitalize communities in innovative and interconnected ways. Last week, you saw Secretary Foxx’s announcement of the 2016 TIGER winners: 40 communities that will receive a share of close to $500 million in TIGER grants nationwide.

Each of those communities has a story to tell. Today, I’m in Carlisle, Pennsylvania to highlight one of those stories – the story of how  a community came together to better itself, and how a $5 million TIGER grant will amplify their efforts.

Photo of Victor Mendez at podium​​​​​​​

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