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Small businesses in America are engines of creativity and employment opportunities, but it can sometimes be difficult for small businesses to turn their innovations into reality.

That’s why the U.S. Department of Transportation’s highly competitive Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program awards contracts to small businesses to pursue research and development to find solutions to our nation’s biggest transportation challenges.

The SBIR program—administered by Volpe, DOT’s go-to center for innovative, multimodal research—has opened its latest solicitation period and will accept proposals through December 21, 2016.

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One year ago, the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) temporarily assumed direct safety oversight over the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) Metrorail system. In that short time, FTA has provided more thorough safety oversight over WMATA than it has ever received.

While FTA does not run or operate the WMATA Metrorail system, we are identifying problems and guiding WMATA as they implement needed safety changes.  However, for all the safety improvements WMATA has made, it remains a long and difficult task to instill the strong safety culture that is required for true and lasting change.

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As the country’s population and economy continue to grow, many communities are thinking critically about their transportation, housing, and small business development needs. These areas each have their own distinct challenges and opportunities, but all can be addressed through smart, integrated policies.

Yesterday, I returned to my hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina to tour the up-and-coming LYNX Blue Line Extension of the area’s light rail system, which is a perfect example of how transportation, housing, and development can all go hand-in-hand. 

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I remember teaching my kids how to drive – a milestone in any young person’s life. Learning to maintain speed, negotiate turns, and checking the blind spot were always areas of concern.

Like many parents of teenagers, I worried, especially about whether I had taught them enough about safety behind the wheel. Now, years later, I’ve learned that it’s not so much about what I taught them, but how they applied it. 

To help parents and teenagers in this important time, last week we at NHTSA led National Teen Driver Safety Week (NTDSW). This week is all about bringing teens, parents, educators and community leaders together to help prevent car crashes – the leading cause of death for American teens. 

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Every day, as new technologies get closer and closer to deployment, it becomes more important for us in the federal government to have access to expert advice from those who are on the front lines of innovation.

That’s why this week I announced the formation of a new Advisory Committee on Automation in Transportation (ACAT), which will assemble 15 experts from a variety of fields to help USDOT assess new transportation technologies and their long-term impacts.

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A native of Marianna, Arkansas, former Secretary Rodney Slater shares his personal story, from growing up in rural America to serving as our nation’s 13th Secretary of Transportation.

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If you’ve followed DOT’s Fast Lane blog over the last few years, you know that the Obama Administration believes that airline passengers deserve to have access to clear and complete information about the airlines they choose to fly, and to expect fair and reasonable treatment when they fly.

That’s why today, I’m pleased to announce that DOT is taking a number of actions to enhance protections for air travelers and promote competition in the airline industry.

These actions are a result of the Department’s continued commitment to ensuring that passengers are treated fairly by the airline industry, as well as an executive order issued by President Obama directing federal agencies to identify specific actions to relieve undue burdens on competition and better inform consumers.

Picture of BWI Airport

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Recently, I participated in the 24th and final roundtable to talk about moving our Freight Economy Forward.  Our last meeting took place in St. Louis, Missouri, a city strategically located for freight movement.

These community conversations have provided valuable feedback about our future freight infrastructure needs, helping to inform Secretary Foxx’s Beyond Traffic Framework, a look ahead at our transportation needs for the next 30 years.

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Recently, the 70 women participating in the 2016 Leadership Program of WTS International, the association for the advancement of women in transportation, had the opportunity to hear from Deputy Secretary of Transportation Victor Mendez and a panel of five senior-level female executives at the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Deputy Secretary Mendez applauded the women in the room for making a difference in the transportation industry. He spoke about how women are under-represented in the in the transportation industry and more needs to be done to attract, retain, and advance women to be a part of it.

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Today, we celebrate the Department of Transportation's 50th birthday - take a look back at some moments in DOT's fifty year history.

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