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Creating Ladders of Opportunity in Rural America

Creating Ladders of Opportunity in Rural America

I started day four of my “Invest in America, Commit to the Future” bus tour by participating in a roundtable discussion with Congressman Bennie Thompson and local officials at Tougaloo College in Jackson, Mississippi.  It was a great opportunity to hear firsthand about the challenges facing the region and the need to create ladders of opportunity to connect folks to jobs, schools, and a better quality of life.

Photo of Secretary Foxx speaking at the roundtable meeting at Tougaloo College

After departing Jackson, I stopped at the Brushy Bayou restaurant in Tallulah, Louisiana, where I enjoyed their catfish and had a thoughtful discussion with local farmers and business and community leaders about the challenges and opportunities related to transportation infrastructure investments, especially rural concerns like freight and rural intercity access.  Many of the participants represent some of the poorest communities in America.  All of them have a vision to improve their communities but lack the resources to do so.

This is why we need a long-term transportation bill – to ensure that Americans in all parts of the country continue to have access to the transportation services they need today, and a brighter future tomorrow.

Photo of Secretary Foxx at the roundtable lunch at Brushy Bayou restaurant

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