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Focus Areas

Transportation Leaders Against Human Trafficking focuses on five key areas and connects transportation stakeholders to available resources on: industry leadership, industry training and education, policy development, public awareness, and information sharing and analysis.  


  • Increase the number of transportation industry leaders and influencers engaged on the human trafficking issue
  • Increase the number of public, private and cross-modal transportation industry partnerships addressing human trafficking

Industry Education and Training

  • Create and implement training protocol with industry specific materials for each transportation mode
  • Develop the internal, cross-modal and inter-agency systems that allows each industry to be saturated with counter-trafficking materials and assist them in creating specific goals to combat trafficking
  • Form partnerships with law enforcement, NGOs, and other government agencies in order to identify and fix vulnerabilities that traffickers exploit to transport victims

Policy Development

  • Increase the number of transportation organizations that have established working groups and integrated human trafficking into their policy initiatives
  • Increase the number of transportation organizations that have adopted a policy on human trafficking in their supply chain

Public Awareness and Outreach

  • Develop core transportation messaging on trafficking awareness that can be adapted readily for specific modes
  • Develop a publicly available transportation toolkit that includes resources such as:
    • Transportation leader statement template
    • Talking points and presentation materials
    • Consumer awareness posters and literature for the traveling public
    • Training videos and programs for transportation industry partners
    • Template article for transportation trade publications
    • Transportation-specific survivor stories
    • Available statistics
    • Hotline information

Information Sharing and Analysis

  • Foster a collaborative online workspace for transportation stakeholders that includes shared data, strengthens communication and facilitates mutually reinforcing activities
  • Analyze human trafficking incidents to identify and describe indicators in trafficking behaviors and actions
  • Highlight incidents of human trafficking that were detected, investigated, and disrupted as a result of reporting by the traveling public or transportation employees
Updated: Tuesday, July 23, 2019
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