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Beyond Traffic: DOT's 30 Year Framework

When the United States Department of Transportation was created, the Secretary of Transportation was charged by law to report on both the current and the anticipated future conditions of our nation’s transportation system. Beyond Traffic 2045 is U.S. DOT’s most comprehensive assessment of current and future conditions in decades.

After years of chronic underinvestment and policy choices that, in some cases, have actually worked at cross purposes with the broader economic and social goals held by most Americans, now is the time for a report like this one to be read,understood, considered—and used.

We encourage you to read—and share—Beyond Traffic: 2045.

DOT announces Beyond Traffic Innovation Centers

Map of US with Beyond Traffic Innovation Centers | 2016

  • Serving the Cascadia/Pacific Northwest megaregion: University of Washington
  • Serving the Florida megaregion: Florida International University
  • Serving the Front Range megaregion: University of Denver
  • Jointly serving the Great Lakes/Midwest megaregion: Center for Neighborhood Technology, Ohio State University, and University of Michigan
  • Serving the Gulf Coast megaregion: Texas Southern University
  • Jointly serving the Northeastern megaregion: Northeastern University and Rutgers University
  • Serving the Mid-Atlantic megaregion: University of Virginia
  • Serving the Northern California megaregion: University of California, Berkeley
  • Serving the Piedmont/Southern megaregion: Clemson University
  • Serving the Southern California megaregion: California State University, San Bernardino
  • Serving the Sun Corridor megaregion: University of Arizona
  • Serving the Texas Triangle megaregion: University of Texas, Austin
  • Serving rural areas: Montana State University, Michigan Tech University, and University of Alaska

Updated: Wednesday, January 18, 2017
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