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General Guidance

A compilation of rules, guidance, enforcement orders and publications on other topics.


Name Date Document
Reporting of animal incidents    
Extension of comment period on proposed rule 08/28/2012 View PDF
Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on E-Cigarettes 09/15/2011 View PDF


Name Date Document
Mistaken Fare Policy Statement Final 05/08/2015 View PDF
Guidance on responding to complaints filed on behalf of airline passengers 12/16/2013 View PDF
Display of search results on ticket agent websites 08/19/2013 View PDF
Rights of small entities to enforcement fairness, and policy against retaliation 04/28/2011 View PDF
Guidance re: GDS/OTA display bias 03/04/2011 View PDF
DOT Policy on Smoking of E-Cigarettes on Commercial Aircraft 02/11/2011 View PDF
Warning letter re GDS/OTA display bias 02/01/2011 View PDF
Airline agents for service of process 08/02/2002 View PDF
Airline plans under the Aviation Disaster Family Assistance Act 12/03/1997 View PDF
Electronic Ticketing: Passenger Notices 04/22/1997 View PDF
"Choice of forum" contract provisions 07/15/1996 View PDF

Enforcement Orders

Enforcement Orders for General Aviation Guidance
Name Order No. Document
Order Dismissing Formal Complaint of Benjamin Edelman v. TAROM 2014-4-18 View PDF
Asiana Airlines, Inc. 2014-2-20 View PDF
British Airways Plc 2013-7-11 View PDF
Alitalia 2013-3-12 View PDF
Petition for Rulemaking and Third-Party Complaint of Donald L. Pevsner, Esq. Dismissal Order 2012-11-4 View PDF
Order of Dismissal: Donald L. Pevsner 2011-10-13 View PDF
Comair, Inc. d/b/a Delta Connection 2007-5-9 View PDF
Mesa Airlines, Inc., d/b/a go! 2006-8-20 View PDF
Servicios Akreos Professionales, S.A. 2006-2-10 View PDF
Société Air France 2005-7-3 View PDF
DHL Airways, Inc. n/k/a Astar Air Cargo, Inc. 2004-5-10 View PDF
Third-Party Enforcement Complaint of the Electronic Privacy Center v. Northwest Airlines, Inc. 2004-9-13 View PDF
Order of Dismissal Complaint of USTAR v Delta air Lines, United Airlines, American Airlines, Continental Airlines and Northwest Airlines 2004-6-17 View PDF
Complaint of Lyn-Lea Travel Corp. Against AA and Sabre 2004-2-20 View PDF
Third-Party Complaint of AirTran Airways, Inc. v American Airlines, Inc., US Airways, Inc., and United Airlines, Inc. 2003-10-7 View PDF
Petition for Rulemaking of Joel Kaufman Re: Ticket Change Penalties 2003-3-11 View PDF


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